volume 49, issue 9, P3980-3982 2010
DOI: 10.1021/ic100469x
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Jonah W. Jurss, Javier C. Concepcion, Michael R. Norris, Joseph L. Templeton, Thomas J. Meyer

Abstract: Single-electron activation of multielectron catalysis has been shown to be viable in catalytic water oxidation with stepwise proton-coupled electron transfer, leading to high-energy catalytic precursors. For the blue dimer, cis,cis-[(bpy)(2)(H(2)O)Ru(III)ORu(III)(H(2)O)(bpy)(2)](4+), the first well-defined molecular catalyst for water oxidation, stepwise 4e(-)/4H(+) oxidation occurs to give the reactive precursor [(O)Ru(V)ORu(V)(O)](4+). This key intermediate is kinetically inaccessible at an unmodified metal …

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