volume 157, issue 7, P1261-1273 2010
DOI: 10.1016/j.combustflame.2010.04.003
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T. Kathrotia, M. Fikri, M. Bozkurt, M. Hartmann, U. Riedel, C. Schulz

Abstract: a b s t r a c tThe temporal variation of OH * (A 2 R + ) chemiluminescence in hydrogen oxidation chemistry has been studied in a shock tube behind reflected shock waves at temperatures of 1400-3300 K and at a pressure of 1 bar. The aim of the present work is to obtain a validated reaction scheme to describe OH * formation in the H 2 /O 2 system. Temporal OH * emission profiles and ignition delay times for lean and stoichiometric H 2 /O 2 mixtures diluted in 97-98% argon were obtained from the shock-tube exper…

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