volume 84, issue 8, P1162-1172 2016
DOI: 10.1002/prot.25062
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Abstract: In this report we describe the X-ray crystal structures of two single domain camelid antibodies (VHH), F5 and F8, each in complex with the ricin toxin's enzymatic subunit (RTA). F5 has potent toxin-neutralizing activity, while F8 has weak neutralizing activity. F5 buried a total of 1760 Å2 in complex with RTA and made contact with three prominent secondary structural elements: α–helix B (residues 98-106), β–strand h (residues 113-117), and the C-terminus of α–helix D (residues 154-156). F8 buried 1103 Å2 in c…

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