volume 8, issue 7, P1432-1441 2016
DOI: 10.18632/aging.100997
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Louise D. McCullough, Mehwish A. Mirza, Yan Xu, Kathryn Bentivegna, Eleanor B. Steffens, Rodney Ritzel, Fudong Liu

Abstract: Stroke is a sexually dimorphic disease. Elderly women not only have higher stroke incidence than age-matched men, but also have poorer recovery and higher morbidity and mortality after stroke. In older, post-menopausal women, gonadal hormone levels are similar to that of men. This suggests that tissue damage and functional outcomes are influenced by biologic sex (XX vs. XY) rather than the hormonal milieu at older ages. We employed the Four Core Genotype (FCG) mouse model to study the contribution of sex chrom…

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