volume 35, issue 2, P157-164 1995
DOI: 10.1002/pen.760350206
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Abstract: Abstract Mechanical properties of polymers can be described by their stress/strain curves and by their behavior under dynamic mechanical thermal analysis (DMTA). The purpose of this paper is to report such mechanical properties for two unsaturated polycarbosilanes: poly(1, 1‐dimethyl‐1‐sila‐cis‐pent‐3‐ene) (I) and poly(1‐methyl‐1‐phenyl‐1‐sila‐cis‐pent‐3‐ene) (II). Tensile strength, elongation at break, modulus, bending modulus, Tg, and tan δ for I, II and for sulfur crosslinked I and II have been measured. T…

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