volume 44, issue 6, P2072-2078 2010
DOI: 10.1021/es902654f
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T. R. Roth, M. C. Westhoff, H. Huwald, J. A. Huff, J. F. Rubin, G. Barrenetxea, M. Vetterli, A. Parriaux, J. S. Selker, M. B. Parlange

Abstract: Elevated in-stream temperature has led to a surge in the occurrence of parasitic intrusion proliferative kidney disease and has resulted in fish kills throughout Switzerland's waterways. Data from distributed temperature sensing (DTS) in-stream measurements for three cloud-free days in August 2007 over a 1260 m stretch of the Boiron de Morges River in southwest Switzerland were used to calibrate and validate a physically based one-dimensional stream temperature model. Stream temperature response to three dist…

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