DOI: 10.1140/epja/i2016-16106-2
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M. Bayar, P. Fernandez-Soler, Zhi-Feng Sun, E. Oset

Abstract: In this work we study the ρB * B * three-body system solving the Faddeev equations in the fixed center approximation. We assume the B * B * system forming a cluster, and in terms of the two-body ρB * unitarized scattering amplitudes in the local Hidden Gauge approach we find a new I(J PC ) = 1(3 −− ) state. The mass of the new state corresponds to a two particle invariant mass of the ρB * system close to the resonant energy of the B * 2 (5747), indicating that the role of this J = 2 resonance is important in …

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