Smart Mater. Struct. volume 24, issue 10, P105025 2015 DOI: 10.1088/0964-1726/24/10/105025 View full text
Federico Carpi, Iain Anderson, Siegfried Bauer, Gabriele Frediani, Giuseppe Gallone, Massimiliano Gei, Christian Graaf, Claire Jean-Mistral, William Kaal, Guggi Kofod, Matthias Kollosche, Roy Kornbluh, Benny Lassen, Marc Matysek et al.

Abstract: Dielectric elastomer transducers consist of thin electrically insulating elastomeric membranes coated on both sides with compliant electrodes. They are a promising electromechanically active polymer technology that may be used for actuators, strain sensors, and electrical generators that harvest mechanical energy. The rapid development of this field calls for the first standards, collecting guidelines on how to assess and compare the performance of materials and devices. This paper addresses this need, present…

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