volume 40, issue 7, P1481-1491 2006
DOI: 10.1016/j.watres.2006.02.003
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Oranuj Lorphensri, Jittipong Intravijit, David A. Sabatini, Tohren C.G. Kibbey, Khemarath Osathaphan, Chintana Saiwan

Abstract: Two pure minerals and a hydrophobic medium were selected to study sorption of pharmaceuticals. The sorption of four pharmaceuticals, acetaminophen (analgesic), 17alpha-ethynyl estradiol (synthetic hormone), nalidixic acid (antibiotic), and norfloxacin (antibiotic), was evaluated with silica, alumina, and Porapak P (a hydrophobic medium). Alumina and silica were selected to represent positively charged and negatively charged aquifer mineral surfaces at neutral pH, respectively, while Porapak P was selected to r…

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