volume 13, issue S337, P150-153 2017
DOI: 10.1017/s1743921317009711
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T. Joseph W. Lazio, S. Bhaskaran, C. Cutler, W. M. Folkner, R. S. Park, J. A. Ellis, T. Ely, S. R. Taylor, M. Vallisneri

Abstract: AbstractIn-spiraling supermassive black holes should emit gravitational waves, which would produce characteristic distortions in the time of arrival residuals from millisecond pulsars. Multiple national and regional consortia have constructed pulsar timing arrays by precise timing of different sets of millisecond pulsars. An essential aspect of precision timing is the transfer of the times of arrival to a (quasi-)inertial frame, conventionally the solar system barycenter. The barycenter is determined from the …

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