Current Opinion in Lipidology volume 25, issue 5, P374-379 2014 DOI: 10.1097/mol.0000000000000113 View full text
Chiraz Chaabane, Matteo Coen, Marie-Luce Bochaton-Piallat

Abstract: Aim. Arterial smooth muscle cells (SMCs) may accumulate cholesterol and modify their phenotypic behavior becoming foam cells. We aimed to characterize the role of HDL 3 and the ATP binding cassette transporter ABCA1 in this process. Methods. We evaluated the cholesterol-induced phenotypic changes in SMCs isolated from wild type (WT) and ABCA1 knock out (KO) mice and how HDL 3 affects these changes. Results. Cholesterol loading downregulates the expression of ACTA2 (SMC-marker), and increases the expression of…

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