volume 191, issue 10, P5074-5084 2013
DOI: 10.4049/jimmunol.1300407
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Niannian Ji, Animesh Somanaboeina, Aakanksha Dixit, Kazuyuki Kawamura, Neil J. Hayward, Christopher Self, Gary L. Olson, Thomas G. Forsthuber

Abstract: The strong association of HLA-DR2b (DRB1*15:01) with multiple sclerosis (MS) suggests this molecule as prime target for specific immunotherapy. Inhibition of HLA-DR2b-restricted myelin-specific T cells has the potential to selectively prevent CNS pathology mediated by these MHC molecules without undesired global immunosuppression. Here we report development of a highly selective small molecule inhibitor of peptide binding and presentation by HLA-DR2b. PV-267, the candidate molecule used in these studies, inhi…

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