volume 40, issue 4, Pe125-e129 2012
DOI: 10.1016/j.jcms.2011.07.007
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Kyubo Kim, Dowhan Kim, Yongcheol Koo, Chang-Hoon Kim, Eun Chang Choi, Jeung-Gweon Lee, Joo-Heon Yoon

Abstract: Tumours originating in the frontal sinus or frontoethmoidal recess have a tendency to be associated with carcinoma. As most (87.5%) of the carcinomas were diagnosed at the same time as the inverted papilloma, complete histological examination of the whole excised tumour is warranted because early diagnosis and treatment is essential as T2 and lower stage carcinomas had a strikingly better prognosis than T3 and higher stage carcinomas.