volume 191, issue 5, P2072-2081 2013
DOI: 10.4049/jimmunol.1300435
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Yovana Pacheco, Anna P. McLean, Janine Rohrbach, Filippos Porichis, Daniel E. Kaufmann, Daniel G. Kavanagh

Abstract: Various co-signaling molecules on T cells can contribute to activation, inhibition, or exhaustion, depending on context. The SLAM family receptor CD244 (2B4/SLAMf4) has been shown to be capable of either inhibitory or enhancing effects upon engagement of its ligand CD48 (SLAMf2). We examined phenotypes of CD8 T cells from HIV+ and HIVneg human donors, specific for HIV and/or respiratory syncytialvirus. Cultured and ex vivo CD8 T cells expressed PD-1, CD244, and TIM-3. We found that ex vivo CD8 T cells downreg…

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