volume 40, issue 9, P1895-1905 2006
DOI: 10.1016/j.watres.2006.02.023
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Franciszek Czechowski, Tadeusz Marcinkowski

Abstract: Raw primary sewage sludge (Wastewater Treatment Plant of Krotoszyn, SW Poland) and its mixtures with 3%d, 6%d, 9%d, 12%d and 24%d of calcium hydroxide were stabilised for 1 and 35 days. Changes of the sludge physicochemical properties and molecular composition, caused by alkaline agent in course of stabilisation process, are recognised. A basic physicochemical data on the sludge cake and filtrate after 1 and 35 days of stabilisation process are given. Soxhlet extracts from the sludge cakes stabilised for 35 da…

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