AVM volume 7, issue 1, P19-27 2015 DOI: 10.46784/e-avm.v7i1.121 View full text
Marija Manić, Nataša Prokić, Katarina Gojković, Goran Đorić, Ana Vasić, Jovan Marić, Dragica Vojinović, Bosiljka Đuričić

Abstract: Since the last decade, stray dogs have been signifi cant ecological, economical and sociological problem in the world as well as in the Republic of Serbia. They occupy specifi c place in the ecology of big cities and their contact with human population represents danger since they are carriers of many zoonotic infectious diseases. The goal of this paper is to present epizootiological survey on some diseases of bacterial, viral and parasitic origin through serological investigation of blood sera and full blood.…

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