Process Safety and Environmental Protection 2019 DOI: 10.1016/j.psep.2019.03.025 View full text
F. Parrino, S.F. Corsino, M. Bellardita, V. Loddo, L. Palmisano, M. Torregrossa, G. Viviani

Abstract: 26This study investigated the treatment of a shipboard slop containing commercial gasoline in a pilot 27 plant scale consisting of a membrane biological reactor (MBR) and photocatalytic reactor (PCR) 28 acting in series. 29The MBR contributed for approximately 70% to the overall slop purification. More precisely, the 30 biological process was able to remove approximately 40%, on average, of the organic pollution in 31 the slop. Nevertheless, the membrane was capable to retain a large amount of organic molecule…

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