AVM volume 1, issue 1, P43-51 2008 DOI: 10.46784/e-avm.v1i1.222 View full text
Igor Stojanov, Dragica Stojanović, Radomir Ratajac, Nada Plavša, Miloš Kapetanov

Abstract: Antimicrobial drugs are necessary in modern poultry production. They are used in therapy as growth promoters and in prophylactic and therapeutical purposes. The subject of our research is monitoring E. coli sensitivity to antibiotics. The aim of the work is to determine antimicrobial activity of some antibiotic groups on our E. coli isolates, to view therapeutical perspective of used antibiotics in future. The material used in this work were the isolates of E. coli from extensive and intensive poultry breeding…

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