AVM volume 10, issue 1, P3-12 2019 DOI: 10.46784/e-avm.v10i1.76 View full text
Ivan Pavlović, Ljubiša Veljović, Vesna Milićević, Jelena Maksimović-Zorić, Slobodan Stanojević, Oliver Radanović, Boban Đurić, Budimir Plavšić, Ana Vasić

Abstract: Genus Culicoides spp. includes small insects 0.5-2 mm in length, usually grey or black and at first glance very similar to mosquitoes. They are strictly hematophagous, feeding by attacking hosts outdoors and indoors (although they are less susceptible to the stationing like Aedes mosquitoesdo). The sting is very painful at the injection site and often followed by hypersensibilisation with the consequent formation of allergic dermatitis. Inaddition, the insects carry and transmit a multitude of diseases, often …

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