AVM volume 7, issue 2, P71-78 2015 DOI: 10.46784/e-avm.v7i2.132 View full text
Vladimir Radosavljević, Miroslav Ćirković, Dragana Ljubojević, Dobrila Jakić Dimić, Zoran Marković, Jadranka Žutić, Vesna Milićević

Abstract: Aquaponic production combines intensive production with waste recycling and water conservation. Aquaponic join recirculating aquaculture with hydroponics to use nutrient waste from aquaculture as an input to plant growth. Traditional aquaculture systems treat or dispose nutrient-rich wastewater. In aquaponics, the waste products from the fish are converted by a bio-fi lter into soluble nutrients which are absorbed by the plants, and allow “clean” water to be returned back to the fish. Thus, it produces valuabl…

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