Proc. IAU volume 13, issue S337, P386-387 2017 DOI: 10.1017/s1743921317009516 View full text
Franck Octau, Grégory Desvignes, Ismaël Cognard, David Champion, Patrick Lazarus, David Smith, Gilles Theureau

Abstract: AbstractSince the discovery of the first pulsar in 1967, over 2500 pulsars have been discovered. Pulsars enable a broad range of studies: from the study of the properties of the interstellar medium and of pulsar magnetospheres to tests of gravity in the strong-field regime and the characterisation of the cosmological gravitation wave background. These reasons are the main drive for searching for more pulsars. A blind pulsar survey, named SPAN512, was initiated with the Nançay Radio Telescope in 2012. Conducted…

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