DOI: 10.17265/2159-5828/2020.01.003
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Sharifa Xakimova, Akmaljon Boboev, Firuza Rustambekova, Sobira Abdurazakova

Abstract: Oenoferm credo, Oenoferm rouge, Sacch. cerevisiae XII and Sacch. uvarum 73 were used for fermentation of juice, extracted from Jerusalem artichoke tubers grown in Uzbekistan. The fermentation process was carried out in laboratory conditions. Among these yeasts Oenoferm credo, Oenoferm rouge and Sacch. uvarum 73 showed higher performance than K. marxianus Y-303 and the ethanol yields were 92%, 90% and 88%, respectively. After 72 h fermentation with Sacch. vini Rkaseteli-6 and Sacch. cerevisiae XII the yield o…

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