volume 99, issue 2, Pe5-e5 1997
DOI: 10.1542/peds.99.2.e5
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D. Baronciani, G. Atti, F. Andiloro, A. Bartesaghi, L. Gagliardi, C. Passamonti, M. Petrone, Collaborative Group DDH Project

Abstract: ABSTRACT. Objective. To evaluate an organizational model for neonatal population screening for developmental dysplasia of the hip.Methods. In 4648 neonates born in six hospitals of the Lombardy region, screening for developmental dysplasia of the hip was done using the Ortolani-Barlow maneuver and ultrasonography.Results. The frequency of positive results of clinical and ultrasound examinations carried out in the hospitals varied considerably as a result of difficulties in the Ortolani-Barlow test reproducibi…

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