MRS Proc. 2001 DOI: 10.1557/proc-692-h8.1.1 View full text
C. Mermelstein, M. Rattunde, J. Schmitz, S. Simanowski, R. Kiefer, M. Walther, J. Wagner

Abstract: ABSTRACTIn this paper we review recent progress achieved in our development of type-I GaInAsSb/ AIGaAsSb quantum-well (QW) lasers with emission wavelength in the 1.74-2.34 pm range. Triple-QW (3-QW) and single-QW (SQW) diode lasers having broadened waveguide design emitting around 2.26 pm have been studied in particular. Comparing the two designs we have find that the threshold current density at infinite cavity length as well as the transparency current density scale with the number of QWs. Maximum cw operat…

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