DOI: 10.1101/146407
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Jyun-you Liou, Hongtao Ma, Michael Wenzel, Mingrui Zhao, Eliza Baird-Daniel, Elliot H Smith, Andy Daniel, Ronald Emerson, Rafael Yuste, Theodore H Schwartz, Catherine A Schevon

Abstract: AbstractFocal seizure propagation is classically thought to be spatially contiguous. However, propagation through the epileptic network -a collection of disparate epileptic nodes -has been theorized. Here, we used a multielectrode array, wide field calcium imaging, and twophoton calcium imaging to study focal seizure propagation pathways in an acute rodent neocortical 4-aminopyridine model. Although ictal neuronal bursts did not propagation beyond a 2-3 mm region, they were associated with hemisphere-wide LFP…

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