volume 32, issue 12, P773-776 1992
DOI: 10.1002/pen.760321203
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Abstract: The melt rheology of phase separated blends of two thermotropic liquid crystalline polymers (LCPs) have been studied. The two components are a random copolyester consisting of 73 mol% 4-hydrobenzoic acid (HBA) and 27 mol% 6-hydroxy-2-napthoic acid (Vectra A900 of Hoechst Celanese Corp.) and a poly(ethy1ene terephalate-co-4-oxybenzoate) containing 60 mol% HBA units (PET/6OHBA of Eastman Kodak Corp.). Most striking is the effect of adding 10% PET/6OHBA to Vectra A900: The viscosity at 290°C drops by a factor of…

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