volume 40, issue 2, Pe59-e63 2012
DOI: 10.1016/j.jcms.2011.03.020
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Helder Antonio Rebelo Pontes, Flavia Sirotheau Correa Pontes, Aladim Gomes Lameira, Rodrigo Alves Salim, Pedro Luiz de Carvalho, Douglas Magno Guimarães, Décio dos Santos Pinto

Abstract: The ameloblastic fibro-odontoma is defined as a tumour with the general features of the ameloblastic fibroma but that also contains enamel and dentine. AFO normally presents as a painless swelling in the posterior portion of the maxilla or mandible. Radiographs show a well-defined radiolucent area containing various amounts of radiopaque material of irregular size and form. The most appropriate treatment for a large AFO has not been completely determined. This paper reports four large AFO cases and reviews the…

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