volume 214, issue 5, P212-217 2021
DOI: 10.5694/mja2.50942
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Christopher R Freeman, Ian A Scott, Karla Hemming, Luke B Connelly, Carl M Kirkpatrick, Ian Coombes, Jennifer Whitty, James Martin, Neil Cottrell, Nancy Sturman, Grant M Russell, Ian Williams, Caroline Nicholson, Sue Kirsa et al.

Abstract: Objective To investigate whether integrating pharmacists into general practices reduces the number of unplanned re‐admissions of patients recently discharged from hospital. Design, setting Stepped wedge, cluster randomised trial in 14 general practices in southeast Queensland. Participants Adults discharged from one of seven study hospitals during the seven days preceding recruitment (22 May 2017 ‒ 14 March 2018) and prescribed five or more long term medicines, or having a primary discharge diagnosis of conges…

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