volume 190, issue 12, P6180-6186 2013
DOI: 10.4049/jimmunol.1300181
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Amy M. Berkley, Deborah W. Hendricks, Kalynn B. Simmons, Pamela J. Fink

Abstract: Recent thymic emigrants (RTEs) are the youngest T cells in the lymphoid periphery, and exhibit phenotypic and functional characteristics distinct from those of their more mature counterparts in the naïve peripheral T cell pool. We show here that the Il2 and Il4 promoter regions of naïve CD4+ RTEs are characterized by site-specific hypermethylation compared to those of both mature naïve (MN) T cells and the thymocyte precursors of RTEs. Thus, RTEs do not merely occupy a midpoint between the thymus and the matu…

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