volume 300, issue 1-2, P283-293 1991
DOI: 10.1016/0022-0728(91)85400-j
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M. Wolff, J.W. Schultze, J.-L. Delplancke, Ch. Buchal, L. Elfenthal

Abstract: 40 nm T i02 layers on T i have been formed by anodic polarization. Implantation of 200 keV T i * ions induces amorphization which dépends on the température. Subséquent repassivation to potentials below the formation potential causes recrystallization and additional oxide growth. T he activation energy for ion migration is lowered by implantation. T he additional oxide growth differs after 200 keV T i* and 200 keV Pd* implantation. T he rate determining step is located at the interface Ti/TiOj. T his gives for…

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