volume 99, issue 4, Pe8-e8 1997
DOI: 10.1542/peds.99.4.e8
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M. Story, S. A. French, D. Neumark-Sztainer, B. Downes, M. D. Resnick, R. W. Blum

Abstract: ABSTRACT.Objective. This study examined the relationship of psychosocial factors and health behaviors to frequent dieting and purging behaviors in Native American adolescent boys and girls.Design. School-based health survey. Setting and Participants. A total sample of 13 454 Native American youth in grades 7 through 12 living on or near reservations from eight Indian Health Service areas completed a self-report, school-based health questionnaire.Results. Almost half (48.3%) of the girls and one third (30.5%) …

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