volume 66, issue 7, P4497-4507 1992
DOI: 10.1128/jvi.66.7.4497-4507.1992
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Abstract: MATERIALS AND METHODS Mice. Female C57BL/1OSnJ (Bi1) and B1O.A/SgSnJ (B10.A) mice and male A.BY/SnJ and A/WySnJ mice were purchased from the Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, Maine. BALB/cByJ mice were originally purchased from the Jackson Laboratory and have been maintained at the Rocky Mountain Laboratories. (Bi1 x A.BY)F1, (B1O.A x A.BY)F1, and (B10.A x A/WySn)Fl mice were bred and maintained in the animal facilities at the Rocky Mountain Laboratories. Both male and female mice, 2 to 12 months old, were used;…

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