volume 272, issue 13, P8447-8453 1997
DOI: 10.1074/jbc.272.13.8447
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Abstract: We have previously reported that propolypeptide of von Willebrand factor (pp-vWF) promotes melanoma cell adhesion in a ␤1 integrin-dependent manner. In this report, we identified the ␣ subunit of the cell adhesion receptor for pp-vWF as ␣4. Human leukemia cell lines that express ␣4␤1 integrin (very late antigen-4, VLA-4), but not cell lines which lack VLA-4, attached well to pp-vWF substrate and these adhesions were completely inhibited by anti-␣4 integrin monoclonal antibody HP2/1. Adhesion of mouse melanoma…

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