volume 34, issue 4, P341-351 1994
DOI: 10.1002/pen.760340416
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Abstract: Abstract Imide formation from ‐CONH and ‐COOH functional groups of 2‐carboxyphenylmethacrylamide (2‐CPM), 4‐carboxyphenylmethacrylamide (4‐CPM), 4‐carboxyphenyl methacrylamide/methylmethacrylate (4‐CPM/MMA) and 4‐carboxyphenylmethacrylamide/N‐phenylmalemide (4‐CPM/NPMI) electropolymerized matrices was investigated. It was found that 2‐CPM polymers undergo intramolecular imidization and anhydride formation, which result in a small amount of crosslinked network. On the other hand, the thermally cured 4‐CPM poly…

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