volume 16, issue 8, P665-670 1994
DOI: 10.1016/0141-0229(94)90087-6
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I.M. Banat, A. Marchant, P. Nigam, S.J.S. Gaston, B.A. Kelly, R. Marchant

Abstract: An unusual strain of Pseudomonas putida UUC-1 capable of growth at high salicylate concentration (10 gl-1) was investigated with the aim of developing an assay and a biosensor system for determining salicylate in body fluids by utilizing the salicylate hydroxylase enzyme. Medium and growth condition optimization were carried out under chemostat conditions. The highest biomass yield was at 4.0 gl-1 salicylate, 25 degrees C, pH 6.5, and 0.2 h-1 dilution rate. Growth occurred at up to 0.45 h-1 dilution rate, prod…

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