MRS Proc. 2001 DOI: 10.1557/proc-706-z6.9.1 View full text
D. H. Galván, R. Rangel, E. Adem

Abstract: In this work, we report the production of MoSe 2 (molybdenum diselenide) nanotubes formed by irradiating the samples with high doses of electron irradiation. The irradiation was performed on a 2 MeV Van de Graaff accelerator at the following conditions: voltage 1.3 MeV, current 5µA current, dose rate 25 kGy/min, and total dosage 1 MGy. We observed well-defined nanotubes of several nm long and few nm wide, which suppose to be hollow and capped at one end. As the level of irradiation was increased to 1 MGy, elo…

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