volume 6, issue 37, P297-312 1840
DOI: 10.1080/03745484009443299
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Abstract: L I S S P A N SOCIETY, Junc lC.-The Lord Bishop of Norwicli, President, in the Chair. R c R~, "Description of a ncw spccica of the Coleoptcrous gcnus Cerapterus, from South Amcrica." By J. 0. Wcstwood, Esq., P.L.S.In the prcscnt papcr the author enumeratcs eight spccics of this interesting genus of the family of Pausside, which he distributes into zis subgencra. The follonirig are the clinracters of the new sp"clcs :-1. C. Ilorsjieldii, picciis ; tlioracc antic; cinarginato, eljtris maculd apicali flavcscente…

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