volume 99, issue 6, Pe3-e3 1997
DOI: 10.1542/peds.99.6.e3
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A. Odom, E. Christ, N. Kerr, K. Byrd, J. Cochran, F. Barr, M. Bugnitz, J. C. Ring, S. Storgion, R. Walling, G. Stidham, M. W. Quasney

Abstract: ABSTRACT. Objective. Child abuse occurs in 1% of children in the United States every year; 10% of the traumatic injuries suffered by children under 5 years old are nonaccidental, and 5% to 20% of these nonaccidental injuries are lethal. Rapid characterization of the injury as nonaccidental is of considerable benefit to child protection workers and police investigators seeking to safeguard the child care environment and apprehend and prosecute those who have committed the crime of child abuse. Physically abuse…

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