AVM volume 1, issue 1, P32-42 2008 DOI: 10.46784/e-avm.v1i1.221 View full text
Branka Vidić, Živoslav Grgić, Sara Sav-Jevđenić, Marko Maljković, Dubravka Milanov

Abstract: Progressive sheep pheumonia and maedi are terms that denote chronic virus sheep disease. Maedi-visna virus causes a disease named visna, which is a disease of nervous system with the symptoms of paresis and paralyses. Besides pneumonia, maedi-visna is characterized by arthritis, heavy mastitis and slow growth of lambs. This diseases is closely related to encephalitis and goat arthritis. Virus maedi-visna and the virus of sheep progressive pneumonia are neoncogen sheep retroviruses that belong to a subfamily Le…

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