volume 10, issue 10, P2755-2771 2018
DOI: 10.18632/aging.101585
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Wen-juan Ma, Yang-kui Gu, Jian-hong Peng, Xue-cen Wang, Xin Yue, Zhi-zhong Pan, Gong Chen, Hai-neng Xu, Zhong-guo Zhou, Rong-xin Zhang

Abstract: Chemoradiotherapy combined with surgical resection is the standard treatment for locally advanced rectal cancer, but not all the patients respond to neoadjuvant treatment. Transforming acidic coiled-coil protein-3 (TACC3) is frequently aberrantly expressed in rectal cancer tissue. In this study, we investigated whether TACC3 could serve as a biomarker predictive of the efficacy of chemoradiotherapy. In all, 152 rectal cancer patients with tumor tissue collected at biopsy and set aside before treatment were enr…

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