whp volume 13, issue 4, P28-42 2012 DOI: 10.12927/whp.2012.22924 View full text
Valerie Knowles, Bo Wang, Lynette Deveaux, Sonja Lunn, Glenda Rolle, Giavana Jones, Carole Harris, Linda Kaljee, Xiaoming Li, Veronica Koci, Xinguang Chen, Sharon Marshall, Bonita Stanton

Abstract: AbstractUsing data from the preparatory phase prior to national implementation of an effective HIV prevention program [Focus on Youth in the Caribbean (FOYC)] in all Bahamian government sixth-grade classes, we describe: 1) actual FOYC implementation; 2) factors which influenced implementation; and 3) the relationship of implementation with intervention outcome. Six elementary schools (with 17 grade six classrooms) were selected to participate in the preparatory phase. The 17 teachers were invited to: attend a…

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