volume 50, issue 1, P89-100 2017
DOI: 10.1515/cerce-2017-0008
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S. Tansi, Ş. Karaman, O. Tonҫer, N. Ҫömlekҫioğlu

Abstract: ABSTRACT. Crambe sp. is an oilseed crop from the Brassicae family and native to the Mediterranean region. It can be converted into a number of industrial and energy uses. Crambe oil is used in introducing in stain, primers, plastic and solid wax, cosmetic and engine portions in the form of nylon-13.13 exclude carburetor as eco-friendly. All these properties make it interesting. This study is the first report on yield, cultivation procedure, and quality characteristics of Crambe sp. cultivated in Turkey. Nativ…

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