volume 13, issue S332, P113-120 2017
DOI: 10.1017/s1743921317007797
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Shota Notsu, Hideko Nomura, Catherine Walsh, Mitsuhiko Honda, Tomoya Hirota, Eiji Akiyama, T. J. Millar

Abstract: AbstractObservationally measuring the location of the H2O snowline is crucial for understanding the planetesimal and planet formation processes, and the origin of water on Earth. The velocity profiles of emission lines from protoplanetary disks are usually affected by Doppler shift due to Keplerian rotation and thermal broadening. Therefore, the velocity profiles are sensitive to the radial distribution of the line-emitting regions. In our work (Notsu et al. 2016, 2017), we found candidate water lines to locat…

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