volume 99, issue 4, P604-604 1997
DOI: 10.1542/peds.99.4.604
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S. T. Gjonaj, D. B. Lowenthal, A. J. Dozor, G. Stringel

Abstract: Primary tracheal tumors are exceedingly rare. [1][2][3] Tumors of the larynx and lungs respectively occur 75 and 180 times more frequently than tracheal tumors. 3 Tracheal tumors of neurogenic origin are even rarer. 1,4 -7 We are aware of only 29 tracheal tumors of neurogenic origin described in the literature, of which 11 have been neurofibromas. 3 Most cases go unrecognized for months or years, because the tracheal lumen is often more than 75% occluded before symptoms occur. 8 Patients generally have diagno…

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