MRS Proc. 2001 DOI: 10.1557/proc-706-z9.22.1 View full text
Geoffrey M. Spinks, Gordon G. Wallace, Leonard S. Fifield, Larry R. Dalton, Alberto Mazzoldi, Danilo De Rossi, Ilyas I. Khayrullin, Ray H. Baughman

Abstract: AbstractReversible actuation strains in excess of 2% in the sheet direction and over 300% in the thickness direction have been produced by single wall carbon nanotube mats when electrochemically charged to +1.5V (vs. SCE) in aqueous sodium chloride solution. The observed strains represent a ten-fold increase over that previously reported for carbon nanotube actuators, and is considerably larger than that achievable with polymer ferroelectric actuators. The enhanced actuator strains result from a new mechanism …

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