AVM volume 5, issue 1, P19-29 2012 DOI: 10.46784/e-avm.v5i1.158 View full text
Maja Velhner, Gordana Kozoderović, Zora Jelesić, Igor Stojanov, Dubravka Potkonjak, Jelena Petrović

Abstract: Plasmid mediated resistance to quinolones in Salmonella enterica is briefly presented. World wide spread of qnr determinants is evident, indicating the necessity for prudent use of antimicrobials in human and veterinary medicine. In discovering plasmid mediated resistance to quinolones antimicrobial resistance monitoring for β-lactam antibiotics is helpful, since their target genes frequently coexist in plasmid. Nevertheless, 100% reliable method for screening of qnr determinants has not been discovered. The f…

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