Journal of Cell Biology volume 217, issue 7, P2565-2582 2018 DOI: 10.1083/jcb.201711055 View full text
Zhengpeng Wan, Chenguang Xu, Xiangjun Chen, Hengyi Xie, Zongyu Li, Jing Wang, Xingyu Ji, Haodong Chen, Qinghua Ji, Samina Shaheen, Yang Xu, Fei Wang, Zhuo Tang, Ji-Shen Zheng et al.

Abstract: B lymphocytes use B cell receptors (BCRs) to sense the chemical and physical features of antigens. The activation of isotype-switched IgG-BCR by mechanical force exhibits a distinct sensitivity and threshold in comparison with IgM-BCR. However, molecular mechanisms governing these differences remain to be identified. In this study, we report that the low threshold of IgG-BCR activation by mechanical force is highly dependent on tethering of the cytoplasmic tail of the IgG-BCR heavy chain (IgG-tail) to the plas…

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