volume 39, issue 11, P2291-2300 2005
DOI: 10.1016/j.watres.2005.04.029
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Richard R. Goulet, Janick D. Lalonde, Catherine Munger, Suzanne Dupuis, Geneviève Dumont-Frenette, Stéfane Prémont, Peter G.C. Campbell

Abstract: Four mesocosms were exposed to circumneutral and aluminum (Al)-rich wastewater during two successive summers (2000, 2001). The goals of the study were to measure the bioaccumulation of dissolved Al by the aquatic plants Typha latifolia, Lemna minor, Nuphar variegatum and Potamogeton epihydrus, and to evaluate their importance in the retention of Al by the mesocosms. In 2000, inlet concentrations of total monomeric Al were reduced by 56% and 29% at the Arvida and Laterrière mesocosms, respectively, whereas in 2…

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