volume 9, issue 3, P615-626 2017
DOI: 10.18632/aging.101206
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Marina P. Antoch, Michelle Wrobel, Karen K. Kuropatwinski, Ilya Gitlin, Katerina I. Leonova, Ilia Toshkov, Anatoli S. Gleiberman, Alan D. Hutson, Olga B. Chernova, Andrei V. Gudkov

Abstract: The development of healthspan-extending pharmaceuticals requires quantitative estimation of age-related progressive physiological decline. In humans, individual health status can be quantitatively assessed by means of a frailty index (FI), a parameter which reflects the scale of accumulation of age-related deficits. However, adaptation of this methodology to animal models is a challenging task since it includes multiple subjective parameters. Here we report a development of a quantitative non-invasive procedur…

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