DOI: 10.17265/2159-5828/2017.02.003
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Jorge Octavio Virues Delgadillo, Miguel de Jesús Luna Lara, Claudia Karina Lozada Santillan, Carmen Bulbarela Sampieri, López del Castillo Lozano Micloth

Abstract: Abstract:The main objective of this study was the analysis of physicochemical and rheological behavior of a drinkable beverage prepared with different concentrations (5%, 10% and 20% w/w) of Kefir. Several rheological models were also evaluated to determine the model that better fit experimental data. Apparent viscosity was measured with a Brookfield Viscometer within shear rates of 0.26 rad/s to 2.09 rad/s; and with an Ar-2000ex TA Instruments Rheometer within shear rates of 0.01 rad/s to 1,000 rad/s. Physic…

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